Directed by: Anna Zamecka, 2016

April 19, Thursday, 7:30 PM

Cinema Nowe Horyzonty
Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21

One of the most notorious Polish films of recent years – a warm but harsh, at the same time. story of premature adolescence. After her mother leaves, teenage Ola takes care of her distrait father and autistic brother Nikodem. When the boy receives his first Communion, Ola decides to glue the family back together. Will her plan succeed? The guest of the screening will be the director Anna Zamecka, who, in an interview for „Dwutygodnik”, said: the tension present in the film was constantly accompanying us. At some point we probably became a family, and in family anything goes. Nobody felt any limits. Communion was a huge global success: from the premiere and victory at the Locarno Film Festival to the European Film Academy award for the best documentary.

guest: Anna Zamecka

Polish director, screenwriter and producent. She has studied journalism, cultural anthropology and photography in Warsaw and Copenhagen.

Her documentary debut „Communion” was awarded at many film festivals: International Film Festival Locarno, Warsaw Film Festival, International Film Festival „Listapad” in Minsk, International Documentary Film Festival Yamagata in Japan, International Documentary Film Festival DMZ Docs in Korea, International Documentary Film Festival ‘It’s All True’ in Sao Paulo. In 2017 „Communion” received Polish Film Academy Awards for Best Documentary and European Film Award for Best European Documentary.