A Short Film About Love

Directed by: Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1988

November 22nd, Thursday, 7:00 PM

Cinema Nowe Horyzonty
Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21

A young post office worker (starring Olaf Lubaszenko) falls deeply in love with a promiscuous older woman (starring Grażyna Szapołowska) who lives in an adjacent apartment building. After spying on her through a telescope, he declares his love to her. The fascination between the characters gradually evolves into quite complicated relationship of two lonely strangers. „A Short Film About Love” (an expanded film version of “Dekalog: Six”, part of Kieślowski’s ten-part television series) is the director’s idea on „You shall not commit adultery” commandment. The film was awarded in San Sebastián, Chicago and São Paolo. It will be discussed by our guest – Rev. professor Marek Lis – the author of numerous books on Krzysztof Kieślowski’s films.

Guest: Rev. professor Marek Lis – film expert

Professor of the Theological Faculty of Opole University. Author of publications concerning theological meaning of the cinema: Audiowizualny przekład Biblii. Od translatio do transmediatio [Audiovisual Translation of the Bible. From Translatio to Transmediatio] (Opole 2002), 100 filmów biblijnych [100 Biblical Films] (Kraków 2005), Figury Chrystusa w “Dekalogu” Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego [Christ-figures in ‘The Decalogue’ by Krzysztof Kieślowski] (Opole 2007, 2013), Krzysztof Zanussi. Przewodnik teologiczny [Krzysztof Zanussi. A theological guide] (Opole 2015). Editor of Światowa encyklopedia filmu religijnego [World Encyclopedia of the Religious Film] (Kraków 2007), Cinematic Transformations of the Gospel (ed., Opole 2013), Kieślowski czyta Dekalog [Kieślowski Reads the Decalogue] (Opole 2014). Member of the Ecumenical Juries in Cannes, Fribourg, Warsaw, Yerevan.