Class of 2024

2023 was marvelous for PCFB, but we believe 2024 will be even more… with you on board!
Join us for special workshop meetings, where you will gain skills in programming film screenings and activities that accompanying it and – you meet new people in Wrocław!

You will take part both in screenings open for public and workshop meetings with tutor, who will share with you their knowledge about cinema and programming film events. But what is more important: you will have opportunity to participate in making our events more fun and open for everyone. FIlm quiz, concert or lecture with director? You will be able to invent it and implement it together with the Class of 2024!


Would you like to join the Class?

Fill the form: link


Pssst! You don’t need to be a cinema master!

To participate in the workshop part, all you need to do is fill out a short form, in which we will ask you about your favorite films and your motivation for participating. It only takes a few minutes to fill it out! Once the call is over in about a week, we will announce who will actively participate in Class of 2024.


How it will look like?

The first part of the project is an open call for the Class of 2024 – a working group that will create a screening program for the second part of the year under the guidance of experienced tutor, Adam Kruk, from Wrocław Film Foundation. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other, learn new skills and share thoughts about cinema.


The program will be divided into two parts (Spring/Summer and Autumn), providing a full-fledged proposal for spending time not only in the form of entertainment (film), but also fostering integration and education towards grassroots initiatives that have a real impact on the cultural landscape of Wroclaw. We will have 3 films in April-May provided with lecture, 1 film in special location in Summer and 3 films in September-November.



― Open call for workshops: 8-29.02
― Results – 4.03
― Workshops time: March-November 2024 (5 workshop meetings till end of June, 5 workshop meetings from August till October)
― Film screenings: 7 in general: 3 in Spring (starting with 9.04), 1 in Summer (August), 3 in Autumn (ending in November)
Attention! Workshops are not screening open for public, they are seperate meetings only for Class of 2024

Any questions? E-mail us:
Join us! #ClassOf2024 #PCfB


The event is co-financed by the City of Wroclaw ( Polish Cinema for Beginners is brought to you by Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa.

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