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Polish Cinema for Beginners #14: ‘How To Be a Woman?’

'Fugue', dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska, 2018

August 20th, Thursday, 6 PM

video essay, discussion
Radio Wrocław Kultura,
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The videoessay and discussion, both entitled ‘How To Be a Woman’, make up for a short lesson on the history of Polish female cinema. We will discover its most important creators and try to compare the situation of women in the cinematography of the Polish People’s Republic with that of today. We will listen to strong voices, which resonate in cinemas all around the world. We give You the 5th (and last!) edition of the 14th season of Polish Cinema for Beginners!

Is it possible – as some people dream – to forget everything that was and start life again? Sometimes, yes. A dissociative fugue is a rare neurotic disorder that consists of a mental escape from a traumatic life situation. It results, for example, in a change of job or a long journey, which is the result of people in the fugue state being deprived by their own mind of the awareness of their past – they experience complete amnesia. This is the case of the woman portrayed in the film ‘Fugue’ by Agnieszka Smoczyńska, played by Gabriela Muskała with a nerve. The actress was also the author of the screenplay – while working on it, she has deepened her knowledge of this fascinating disorder, also called “hysterical escape”.