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Polish Church

'Clergy' - directed by: Wojciech Smarzowski, 2018

August 6th, Thursday

video essay, discussion
Radio Wrocław Kultura
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The next installment of the 14th season of Polish Cinema for Beginners is entitled ‘Polish Church’. ONLINE and ON THE AIR we will explore the Church’s role in Polish history and its position in XXI century.

The topic of Polish religiousness has often appeared on Polish screens recently and in very different ways. A lot of religious films are made and they are doing well – ‘Broken Ear of Corn’, produced by the media empire owned by fundamentalist father Rydzyk, is an attempt to transplant Christian Films, popular in the USA, into Polish ground. The Oscar-nominated “Corpus Christi” became a great success last year. The film by Jan Komasa, tells the story of aboy from a reformatory who impersonates a priest and… strangely he heals relations in a village in eastern Poland. The film was appreciated by both progressive and conservative environments. However, Wojciech Smarzowski’s “Clergy” serves as our starting point for the discussion.