Polish Cinema for Beginners #15


Polish Cinema for Beginners is back!

It’s time for the 15th season, dedicated to the most interesting DEBUTS in polish cinema from the past few years.

This summer we will visit Czasoprzestrzeń, a unique location at Tramwajowa 1/3, in Wrocław. Together, we are going to take a look at movies and creators, which generated a lot of fuss entering the big screens. We have also planned a new series of videoessays about polish directors – these are coming this autumn!


1.07.2021, 20:30
“Baby Bump”, dir. Kuba Czekaj
Czasoprzestrzeń, Tramwajowa 1/3
15.07.2021, 20:30
“The Lure”, dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska-Konopka
Czasoprzestrzeń, Tramwajowa 1/3
29.07.2021, 20:30
“Interior”, dir. Marek Lechki
Czasoprzestrzeń, Tramwajowa 1/3
12.08.2021, 20:30
“Mall Girls”, dir. Katarzyna Rosłaniec
Czasoprzestrzeń, Tramwajowa 1/3
21.08.2021, 20:30
“Snow White and Russian Red”, dir. Xawery Żuławski
European Night of Literature
26.08.2021, 20:30
“Dolce Fine Giornata”, dir. Jacek Borcuch
Czasoprzestrzeń, Tramwajowa 1/3