Polish Cinema for Beginners #16


These are troubled times.

We planned to deal with the subject of newcomers, as captured in Polish cinema. Without realising how current and necessary this issue will become.

We invite you to a series of 10 indoor and outdoor meetings throughout the upcoming year which will revolve around migration, focusing in particular on our neighbours from Belarus, Germany and Ukraine. We will show full-length and short films, and after the screenings, we will talk with special guests about cinema. Join us for Season #16 of Polish Cinema for Beginners. 

pcfb 22 cover v2-05


14.04.2022, 18:00
‚Piano’ by Vita Drygas, Poland, 2015, 45′
Barbara, Świdnicka 8c
21.04.2022, 18:00
‚When flowers are not silent’ by Andrei Kutsila, Poland, 2021, 71′
Barbara, Świdnicka 8c
12.05.2022, 18:00
‚Three Colours: White’ by Krzysztof Kieślowski, France / Poland / Switzerland, 91
Przejście Dialogu / Passage of Dialogue, Świdnicka 19
Save the date! Next episodes in #16 PCfB are planned for: 2/06, 7/07, 4/08, 20/08, 1/09, 13/10, 3/11.