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Closing concert: Sofar Sounds Wrocław

Sofar Sounds Wrocław #14
photo by Grzegorz Wolny

April 28, Friday
Arrival time: 19:00 – 19:30

A secret location in Biskupin,

April 28th at 8 pm, the day after the last show of this season of Polish Cinema for Beginners, together with Sofar Sounds Wroclaw we have a special event – prepared for you on the end of a two-month film tour around Polish cities.


Sofar (short for: songs from a room) Sounds are atmospheric, intimate and secret concerts organized in private homes or other unique places.


The idea was born in 2009 in London. The founders of Sofar Sounds – Rafe Offer, Rocky Start and Dave Alexander were tired of concerts where the audience was talking, playing, using phones and not interacting with the artist. So they decided to organize a secret, intimate concerts in their apartments. The goal was to make each of them magical. They quickly discovered that many people like this idea. Currently, the idea went big – concerts are held in more than 333 cities around the world.


The first concert in Wroclaw took place in February 2016. We have already performed fourteen concerts, including Joao de Sousa, JÓGA, MaJLo, SOXSO and Niemoc. Places where our concerts have been organized include, among others, apartment on the 36th floor of Sky Tower, Etno Cafe, Locomotive Hostel, ZaZoo Beach Bar or city tram.


If you’d like to take part in a concert closing the 8th season of PCFB as well as the next one, organized by Sofar Wroclaw, register at: https://www.sofarsounds.com/cities/wroclaw/events/11696


By signing up for the concert, only the date and time of the concert is known. As for the place and the line-up – until the very last moment they are a mystery. Information is revealed the day before the concert – the people who qualify will be notified by email with all the information they need. Each concert is different, and each city adds to the concerts of its unique character.