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Polish Cinema for Beginners #14: ‘Academy of Mr Kleks’

Directed by: Krzysztof Gradowski, 1984

October 17th, Saturday, 8:00 PM

Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe
Piłsudskiego 64A

Regarding the exceptional events of the year 2020, we’ve prepared something unusual for the finale of the current season of Polish Cinema for Beginners. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve moved out of New Horizons Cinema to the internet and created a series of five video essays, followed by discussions on #polishcinema – you can find them all on our YouTube channel and Facebook. The 14th season of PCfB also consisted of five OPEN-AIR screenings in various locations around Wrocław, appealing to ecology and nature. Now, we would like to invite You all (both kids and adults!) for the season finale, which will be held on Saturday, the 17th of October. Young magicians, the 80’s aesthetics enthusiasts, herbalists, duckies stranges and candidates of the world’s most surprising Academy – You are all welcome!

 As soon as the clock will show 8PM, we are kicking off the screening of digitally refurbished “Mister Blot’s Academy” at Dolnośląskie Centrum FIlmowe – a legendary movie, journey of magic lands of childhood and many Poles’ first encounter with the world of (intentional or not) psychodelia. The trip is relatively long, so we will interrupt it after 80 minutes and head for a 20-minutes break from Mr. Blot’s colorful world (You can use this time in any way You like!), after which we will come back to discover the rest of the story of freckles, doctor Paj-Hi-Wo, starling Matheus, wild hogs and wolves invasion. Join us for a blotspolitation!