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All That Hate

'The Hater' - directed by: Jan Komasa, 2020

June 25th, Thursday

video essay, discussion
Radio Wrocław Kultura, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook

From now on, we will combine film screenings with preparing materials about Polish cinema for foreigners available on the Internet. Firstly we take the topic of hate, which is an excuse for the new film by Jan Komasa ‘The Hater’. As part of the project’s online version, 5 video essays will be created, there will be as many discussions within the partnership with Radio Wrocław Kultura, which will be posted on Internet platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Spotify) and on the project’s website.


‘The Hater’ spent only a week on the screens in Polish cinemas. Not because audience didn’t like it – on the contrary, the cash result from the opening weekend were very promising, the film could be one of the biggest cash successes of 2020. However, on March 12th, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cinemas all over Poland went closed and thus the cinema life of the film ended prematurely. Fortunately, it quickly entered VOD platforms and Netflix bought the rights to show it all over the world.